Nardi Elettronica - stabilimento
Nardi Elettronica - stabilimento
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Nardi Elettronica - stabilimentoNardi Elettronica for more than 15 years, designs and produces boards, controls PLC and Motion control.

Years of experience have permission to organize a department hardware and software the vanguard for each sector competence.

The Hardware department, designing circuit boards, managing internal the entire supply chain from concept, to implementation of patterns, the realization of the master to industrialization of the final product.

In the Software department, an expert team of engineers develop any type of software to support our products, firmware, software, software control, software for Windows CE, up to the PC monitoring software.

Our core business is focused on industrial automation equipment from PLCs to the Motion Control, from the panels 2 lines x 16 characters, to the color touch screen about Windows CE operating system.

What Nardi Elettronica, always be proud of is that everything is Made in Italy at our headquarters forgive our customers, who need all the support, in a direct, fast and professional.